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One thought on “Hints”

  1. I actually still have the original, print newsletters of most of these from when I lived in the New York City area in the late 1990s. Oh my gosh! Reading these back then (and knowing a couple of guys who were struggling also) absolutely shattered my heart. Identifying with the emotions, the mental anguish and even some of the same experiences, I cried too with every new newsletter I could get my hands on. ‘Buggin Out’ was actually the spark that ignited my passion for those struggling with same-sex attractions and led me to reexamine my life and my relationship with God. The Lord is awesome! Thank you for the link! I will continue to pray for myself, for all you guys who are still fighting the battle and for those who are unaware and trapped (but still hoping and searching for a way out). Come on http://tropaadet.dk/tiaaustin63046081830

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